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Troy Zestos and The Chroma Studio Products were featured in a recent article on MySwimCap.com

When it comes to swimmers, Zestos warns “Having hair routinely absorb chlorine and salt water is a bad idea. Once over-damaged by the drying effect of chlorine and salt water, repair is out of the question. Once severe damage occurs, the hair has to be cut else the ends become frizzy making maintaining a polished look impossible. Also, over-damaged hair will have a straw-like texture.” Zestos goes on the say “As important as the products you use, is adhering to a pre-swim and post-swim hair care routine.”

Zestos strongly advises his clients to saturate their hair with water before entering the pool or the ocean. “By saturating your hair with water, you exponentially reduce the amount of chlorine and salt water your hair can absorb.” Zestos also recommends applying a light conditioner to your hair before going swimming. “A light conditioner is an extra layer of protection. In choosing a conditioner, try to find one that is sulfate-free and paraben-free like Chroma’s Aqua Conditioner. Also, if you are managing this routine at the beach, in a gym shower or other place where you may not be able to easily put things down, try to find a product with the press-top opening, as these tops make it possible to pour, apply and put away the bottle all with one hand. This feature was very important to me for the Chroma line of products.” Zestos also believes wearing a swimming cap that protects your hair is the perfect third layer of protection. “I know women do not always want to wear a swimming cap, but it is always a good idea. The more barriers between your hair and the elements that can harm it, the less care and repair will be needed. A swimming cap will also aid in the retention of the conditioner that was applied before your swim.”

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